Lab Chemicals

In addition to our top-performing hard coating solutions, Ultra Optics has developed premium products for the ophthalmic lab that are designed to improve your products' quality and lower your operating costs.

ClearView Lens Cleaner

This all-purpose lens cleaner was developed to improve the lens pre-cleaning process before back side coating. ClearView has shown to reduce coating breakages in the lab when compared to using traditional IPA for the pre-clean process. Not only does it perform better, it costs less, and since it is non-hazardous, our customers save money on shipping charges! While this product is great as a lens pre-cleaner, it is also gentle enough to use in finishing on frames as a final cleaning process. 
Use Ultra Optics part number 01086 when ordering.

ConsisTint Dye Additive

The tinting process has many process variables that can affect the final quality of the finished lens. Most commonly, changes in water quality can produce white and/or dark spots on the tinted lens. Our ConsisTint dye additive was designed to neutralize these effects, producing a more uniform tint each and every time. ConsisTint can be used with dyes from all of the different manufacturers.
Use Ultra Optics part number 01025 when ordering.

Ultra IR Ink Remover - NEW!

Ultra IR is a new marking ink remover that has been developed to provide top performance while being more employee and environmentally friendly. Ultra IR uses fewer of the hazardous chemicals found in other ink remover products. This results in a product that is safer for the employee and the environment. Further, Ultra IR is specially formulated to remove organic and inorganic material, making it a better over-all product. We didn't stop there, we also added a fragrance to it which makes it more pleasant for the employee using the product.
Use Ultra Optics part number 20436 when ordering.

View Ultra IR Ink Remover Product Flyer

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is commonly used in ophthalmic labs as it is a good all-around, fast-drying cleaner. Ultra Optics provides only 99% pure IPA.
Use Ultra Optics part number 01041 when ordering.