Backside Hard Coatings

Ultra Optics is the industry leader in the development of backside hard coatings.  With a wide variety of coatings to choose from, there is sure to be one for your application.  Our UV-line of coatings are cured with an ultraviolet light and are completely solvent free.  The elimination of solvents make these coatings much more environmentally friendly, and easier to dispose.  In addition, they do not have the fire hazard typically associated with solvents and have much lower shipping costs as well!

UV coatings are not only easier to use, they also perform better!  These coatings are much more scratch-resistant than previous tintable coatings and provides an excellent base for today’s A/R coatings.  Of the many different coatings available, the following are some of our most popular:

AST-2 (NEW!)

AST-2 is the latest innovation from Ultra Optics.  AST-2 was developed to provide an improved hard coat for non-tintable and AR applications.  This new coating provides the highest level of scratch resistance of any back side coating available in the market.  It improves upon our successful AST-1 by having significantly better adhesion to all lens substrates.  Additionally, AST-2 has the lowest yellowness index, which provides the highest clarity of any of our coatings.

Click here to download the AST-2 product sheet.


UV-XBT is our fastest growing coating product.  This patent-pending coating gives solid all-around performance in hardness, tintability and clarity.  Best of all, it passes adhesion tests on polycarbonate, CR-39, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74, Trivex, Tribrid and many other lens substrates.

Click here to download the UV-XBT product sheet.


This tintable formula is an improvement on our popular UV-NV.  Not only is it more scratch resistant, but it also provides better adhesion to many of today's lens substrates.


The long-running industry standard.  This formula provides the right mix of scratch resistant, but it also provides better adhesion to many of today's lens substrates.


AST-1TM is the backside hard coat of choice for A/R processes.  This non-tintable coating goes on very thin, yet provides superior hardness values, excellent adhesion, and the ultimate in A/R compatibility.