Two 115 VAC/20 amp with grounded 3-prong receptacle.


Deionized water is required for the cleaning system.  A five gallon reservoir is supplied. A direct water source and/or drain is not necessary for the Coating Unit.

Compressed Air

80 psi (9-10 CFM) minimum of air from a constant source. An air regulator is supplied on the system.
A high production backside spin coating choice designed for the lab in need of industrial strength and reliability. This machine is capable of producing 50 jobs an hour. 

Product Description

The MR3 is a self-contained, fully automated system for the application of a high-performance, scratch resistant coating to all types of plastic and polycarbonate lenses. The MR3 uses an advanced coating technology called 100% solids, which allows complete utilization of the coating, eliminating volatile solvents and waste. The integrated system automatically cleans, coats, and cures lenses in one quick, uninterrupted cycle, eliminating exposure to dust and dirt, minimizing lens handling, and bypassing lens inspection prior to the curing phase. With this process, labs gain increased throughput and consistently high yields.
  • Self contained and fully automated
  • Integrated system to clean, coat and cure
  • Advanced coating technology
  • Higher yields and increased throughput
The user-friendly system begins by simply pushing a button on the touch pad and placing a lens onto the vacuum chuck.  Once the MR3 detects a lens is in place, it will begin the automated process of washing, drying, coating and curing the lens. The MR 3 cleans the lens of contaminants by spraying it while spinning with high-pressure deionized or distilled water. After cleaning, the lens is automatically dried and then sent through the coating and curing processes.

Space Required

Choose a physical location with good ventilation and an air exchange rate of 4-5 times per hour. A normal heating/air conditioning system will proviade 3-6 air exchanges per hour. The MR 3 has its own positive air clean room environment.
The Stand Alone Unit needs only 80" in height and has a 25" x 30" footprint.

Click here to download the MR3 product literature sheet.