Coating Unit---115 VAC/5 amps with grounded 3 prong receptacle 

Cure Unit---115 VAC/12 amps with grounded 3 prong receptacle


Deionized water is required for the cleaning system. A five gallon reservoir is supplied.

Compressed Air

80 psi minimum and from a constant source not subject to fluctuation of 7-8 CFM. Air regulators are supplied on the Coater and Cure Units.


Coating Unit - 21D x 25W x 36H
Cure Unit - 26D x 16W x 13H

Our base model backside spin coating machine designed for the customer with a limited budget to enter into the backside coating market.

Product Description

The Mini 2 is a semi-automatic coating system for the application of high performance, scratch resistant coating to all types of plastic and polycarbonate lenses. The Mini 2 uses an advanced coating technology called 100% solids, which allows complete utilization of the coating, eliminating volatile solvents and waste. The 100% solids coating technology is operator friendly, containing no hazardous or flammable solvents and no offensive odors commonly found in solvent based coatings. UV-Curable coatings are the result of constant development of our own in-house chemist.

Space Required

Choose a location with good ventilation and an air exchange rate of 4-5 times per hour. A normal heating/air conditioning system will provide 3-6 air exchanges per hour. It should be located in a low traffic area to minimize the potential for dust contamination, yet be close enough to other functions in the lab for good production flow. A separate clean environment is not necessary (although a location right next an edger is not ideal either).

Click here to download the Mini 2 product literature sheet.