Two 115 VAC/20A circuits, each with a grounded 3-prong receptacle.


Deionized water at 1 meg/ohm resistivity or better for lens washing. Direct water feed requires a ½” water line and a near-by floor drain.

Compressed Air

3/8” Airline with a 1/4” Female Quick Disconnect Coupler. Compressed Air at 80PSI with 10CFM minimum rate to ISO Standard 141.

Physical Location:

Air exchange rate of 4– 5 cycles per hour. A normal HVAC systems will provide 3 - 6 air exchanges per hour.


25” Wide x 30” Deep x 76” High

The OTB uses an On The Block (OTB) system for unmatched yields.  In addition to providing front side lens protection, the OTB eliminates high-index lens warping.  Several machine and process enhancements combine to produce higher yields than were previously possible.

On The Block Coating Benefits:

  • Front-side lens surface protection
  • Eliminates hi-Index lens warping
  • Minimizes handling/lens preparation

Heated Wash Process:

  • Superior cleaning results
  • Reduces debris particulates on lens surface

Water Quality Monitor:

  • Alerts the operator when the water quality falls below acceptable levels.

UV Light Intensity Monitor:

  • Alerts operator when the UV light intensity falls below acceptable curing levels

Enhanced Air Filtration:

  • Using cleaner air for drying the lens reduces particulates or pitting on the lens surface.

Advanced Controls with Interactive Software:

  • Self-diagnostic programming
  • On screen manuals and maintenance guides
  • Simple touch screen navigation

What Does this Mean for the OTB Owner?

Over a three month time span, an optical lab ran a test on over 120,000 lenses to compare the performance of the MR3 to the OTB.  This test produced a 50% reduction in breakage from the previous MR3 levels!

Click here to see a video of the OTB

Click here to download the OTB product literature sheet.